Jay Losa


Jay is known best for leaving his audience speechless while using ordinary everyday objects. He proves that fancy props and gimmicks are not the only ingredients to a magical experience.

His comedic timing and sense of humor sets him apart from your average magician. Your guest will not only be amazed at his tricks, they'll be laughing out loud the entire time.

Jay is available for private functions, college events, high school functions, corporate events, restaurants, cocktail parties, weddings, and more! Jay has a range of performances that will amaze audiences of all ages - from walk-around magic to one of his popular stage shows. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

The fact of the matter is, when you are talking about quality entertainment, you are talking about Jay Losa.
— Bill Harbison, Director of Programs and Activities, Woodland Terrace.

Previous and recurring clients include


What works for your event?



Not looking for a show? Let Jay mingle with the guests at your next cocktail party, birthday, or private event and hear people laugh and react from across the room as they experience up-close and personal magic, even in their own hands!

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Designed for the smaller audience of 50 people or less. A mixture of magic, comedy, and laughs. Jay’s most popular show!

Stage Show

Fun, exciting, hilarious, and jaw-dropping! Jay’s stage show is considered one of the most incredible acts his clients have seen.


Bill H.

Director of Programs and Activities, Woodland Terrace.
Tulsa, OK


5 Stars!

Jay’s show truly is mesmerizing and amazing for all ages. He constantly amazes and leaves the audience wanting more. He is our most requested entertainer and has become my first selection for everything from community entertainment to marketing and trade shows. Jay’s magical skills combined with his unparalleled showmanship has made him a winner with us, time and time again. The fact of the matter is, when you are talking about quality entertainment, you are talking about Jay Losa.

Kristi P.

Owner of Skye On The Town
Fayetteville, AR


Love him!

Absolutely LOVED Jays performance and was sooooo perfect for my Galentines house party of about 40 girls!! He did one on one tricks that were so engaging!! Definitely recommend him for anyone that’s wanting some entertainment for their parties!

Garrett M.

Pastor of New Life Church
Fayetteville, AR


He will make your event a memorable one

Within the first 10 seconds of his performance it was clear that Jay Losa is skilled and gifted not only in his craft , but in the art of showmanship. His show was engaging, comedic, and left our entire crowd in awe. It was the perfect element we needed for the event.

Lindsay W.

Fayetteville, AR


Relatable and funny

Jay has very good stage presence and can really make the audience belly laugh! His magic is more than just card tricks, he uses real objects to do things never seen before. Very original!!

Taylor L.

Springdale, AR


Great Magician

Jay is definitely not the awkward, cringe magician I think of outside of Vegas. He is personable and funny throughout. He is truly an entertainer, not just a magician

Robert H.

Tulsa, OK


So Great!

Jay was so great! He didn’t have to get your attention or try too hard. He is a natural and you can’t help but enjoy yourself. My staff really enjoyed his jokes and his magic tricks. It meant so much to have someone who cared about connecting with us & not just having a show.

Shelby W.

Siloam Springs, AR


Best Magician I’ve Seen!!!

Seriously Jay is the best!! Not only does he have some of the best tricks, but he does so good at adapting to the vibe and really connects with everyone. I’m always left amazed and excited. No other magician here compares. Jay is number one.

Nathan S.

Victoria, TX


Great Entertainment!!!

This guy is amazing! You never know what to really expect from a magician or performer but Jay went above and beyond and knew how to keep the crowd entertained! Will definitely be reaching out to him again for upcoming events!!

Jay Losa lightbulb

Betty J.

Austin, TX


Prepare to be amazed!

I’m a skeptic naturally, but watching Jay’s performances really does it in for me. He’s a natural performer and owns his space really well; he knows how to keep the audience’s attention! His lighthearted banter paired with his witty remarks make everything he does enjoyable! You won’t regret coming to him for your magical needs.

John A.

Rogers, AR



Hiring Jay for my event was the best decision I made. His magic was extremely entertaining and non predictable. My guests loved being in his company and had the time of their lives! I will be hiring Jay again for my future events.

Brittany R.

Madison, WI


Hilarious and engaging!!!

Jay was a great addition to our staff Christmas party. Everyone LOVED him! His magic was professional but also funny, engaging everyone around him to watch. We will definitely have him back again!

Brooks W.

Siloam Springs, AR


Hilarious and really impressive!

He’s great at engaging the crowd, and keeping people into it with great illusions and legit magic tricks. Had the whole crowd laughing and shocked with what he was able to do right in front of us. Perfect for all occasions. He’s the real deal.

Ian W.

Prairie Grove, AR

Side splitting and mind blowing experience. No joke.

The way Jay engaged with the crowd was amazing. One minute you’d be laughing so hard you’d fall over but you’re also trying to pay attention because he’d then do a trick that would blow your mind. It was seriously so entertaining and I will be recommending him to all my friends.

The only review that matters


Jay Losa is the world’s greatest magician, no one compares. Also, he’s the most handsome!

- His mom.


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